How to Disable XML-RPC in WordPress

What is XML-RPC?

According to Wikipedia, XML-RPC is a remote procedure call which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism. In short, it is a system that allows you to post on your WordPress blog using popular weblog clients like Windows Live Writer. It is also needed if you are using the WordPress mobile app. It is also needed if you want to make connections to services like IFTTT.

If you want to access and publish to your blog remotely, then you need XML-RPC enabled.

In the past, there were security concerns with XML-RPC thus it was disabled by default. In his comment on trac ticket #21509, @nacin one of the core contributors of WordPress said:

Quite a bit has changed since we introduced off-by-default for XML-RPC. Their code has improved, and it is no longer considered a second-class citizen when it comes to API development, thanks to the work of a large team of awesome contributors. Security is no greater a concern than the rest of core.

There is no longer a compelling reason to disable this by default. It’s time we should remove the option entirely.

With the increasing use of mobile, this change was imminent. However some security cautious folks may say that while the XML-RPC’s security is not that big of an issue, it still provides an additional surface for attack if a vulnerability was ever found. Thus, keeping it disabled would make more sense.

To keep everyone happy, while the user interface option and the database option to turn off XML-RPC has been removed, there is a filter that you can use to turn it off if needed.

How to Disable XML-RPC in WordPress 3.5

All you have to do is paste the following code in a site-specific plugin:

add_filter(‘xmlrpc_enabled’, ‘__return_false’);

How to Disable WordPress XML-RPC with .htaccess

While the above solution is sufficient for many, it can still be resource intensive for sites that are getting attacked.

In those cases, you may want to disable all xmlrpc.php requests from the .htaccess file before the request is even passed onto WordPress.

Simply paste the following code in your .htaccess file:

# Block WordPress xmlrpc.php requests

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from

The Fox and The Pelican

Less than 2 months ago, I visited Portland.  When I was there I wrote that life on the non-physical plane is so strong that its contents can be felt by even the most spiritually cut off people. The astral dimension of the area is so deep that I said I could spend a lifetime exploring all of the non-physical energies that are identified with the area.  Well last night, out of curiosity, I decided to go back.

tumblr_lmpo5ckdGi1qbo8blo1_500.jpgWhen your consciousness begins to transition from awake to asleep, there is a window of blackness.  In that window, thoughts begin to distort.  You can feel them stretch and shrink and magnify.  If you watch the thoughts, they cease to make any rational sense.  This is one of the easiest ways to get out of body.  The minute you notice this window, you think about going into the darkness deeper and deeper and deeper.  You will find yourself standing in the fourth dimension.  If you turn around, you will see your body on the bed.  You will see a brilliant pearlescent filament connecting you to your body.  You will feel as if you are outside of a ‘reality’ that your body is limited to… imprisoned in even. 

I got to Portland by thinking of a specific tree that was in the backyard of the place I stayed at while I was there.  When you connect to something that you want to astral travel to, there is a moment where the connection with that thing causes you to entrain with that thing.  You can feel yourself shifting until the moment you have phased with it enough that it ‘hooks’ you.  You are pulled as if inescapably to it.  The brain interprets this as extremely intense movement.  Many people wake up at this point out of the resistance they feel to being out of control.  But if you surrender and just let it do with you what it will, you will experience yourself arriving at whatever it is that you intended to arrive at. 

9f69f9822f0bf870816b6f253e201255.jpgPortland was asleep when I arrived there.  Through the root system in the tree, I could feel the deep rhythm of drumming in the distance.  I let myself dissolve into the drumming and found myself traveling again, this time through the soil.  When the drumming felt to be coming from above me, my speed slowed and I began to rise up through the soil and up through a river that was above the soil.  It was day time.  I had traveled into a residual thought form that was left over from another time.  On the bank, there was a group of 4 Native American men.   They were from a tribe native to the river itself.  One of them, the oldest of the men was talking about the river for a while.  And then he began to tell a story.  He was speaking in a language I could not understand rationally.  He was telling a story about a Sawaxii (Pelican) and a Wa is (Gull).  I asked to see the story in pictures instead so I could understand what the man was saying. 

Seagull-And-Pelican.jpgThe story the old man was telling the younger men was about a pelican and a gull meeting.  The gull used to live with the river until the gull asked the pelican why he lived with the ocean and did not ever come to the river.  The Pelican told the gull it was because there was so much food at the ocean.  He told the gull that he just has to talk to the ocean and the shore to know how to find the food.  And so, the gull followed the pelican and began to live with the ocean instead and never went back to the river.   And as a gift, the pelican gave the seagull a mountain to raise his children on so he never had to go back to the River.  Anytime the seagull was hungry, the pelican would tell him to stand by the wave break and he would dive into the waters and carry out fish for him to eat.  They were friends forever.  The old man was telling this story to try to get the young men to get along.  He was trying to teach them to be like the pelican. 

AmericanWhitePelican26.jpgHe told the young men to stand back a certain distance.  When they did, his image began to distort.  His clothes fell to the floor.  He shape shifted into a large, white pelican.  He took off in flight above the river, leaving three very large feathers behind, one for each of the men.  He flew past me towards the ocean.  His heavy wing strokes vibrated the air. 

I went to the place where the old man had been standing.  There was magic in the space he left behind.  The 3 young men could not see me.  They simply watched the old man pelican fly away until he was out of sight. And then, they each took their feathers and dispersed into the shadows beneath the pine forest. 

Fox_study_6.jpgMentally, I asked my astral body to shape-shift. Immediately, I began to shrink.  As if from inside my own heart, a remembrance from a past life rose to the surface and I began to hear the word “Sungila” over and over again.  The sound was only drowned out when my hearing became so incredibly acute that I felt like struggling to get away from it all.  I knew instantly that I was a fox.  Many native tribes that actively practiced shape-shifting believed that everyone has an animal spirit residing within them.  And that this would be the animal that one would shape shift into if they began to practice shape shifting.  The animal spirit that resides within me is a red fox.  I have known this since I was eight years old.  My abuser took me to a Blackfoot reservation in Southern Idaho and I was given a peyote tea and led into a ‘journey’ to find my spirit animal.        

dog-point-of-view.jpgI started running.  I was on all fours, watching the momentum of my black legs and paws devour the damp soil.  I was aware that no one would be able to notice me unless I let them see me.  It was a powerful feeling of contrast compared to my experience in this human life.  I do not have the power of camouflage in this life.  I stick out like a sore thumb and everyone notices me no matter where I am. 

red-fox2.jpgI stopped running in response to a scent that was so strong I could not avoid my desire to go over to investigate it.  A type of fungus that was growing out of the side of a fallen tree.  My senses felt so much more alive.  Every smell would begin in my long sinuses but would not stop there.  They would go up over my head and ears and continue over my spine.

animals-live-soil_5ba899b665d01324.jpgHaving stopped to smell the patch of fungus, I became aware that I could hear everything that was under my feet.  It was as if beneath the soil was a whole other world that I was not a stranger to.  I could hear earthworms and other insects.  I could feel and even at times hear the rather electric feeling of the communication taking place underground between trees.  If I dipped my head low to the ground, the whiskers on my face felt the vibration of the activity beneath the surface of the earth.  My mind would convert the vibration into pictures that would show me what the vibration was coming from.  I did not have to see what was underground with my eyes to see what was underground.

fox_cub_eyes_0108072220.jpgMy eyes would adjust so fast to light it was incredible.  In my human form, it seems that my eyes have such a limited capacity to deal with changes in light.  In the dark, I cannot see.  If it is too light, I spend the whole time squinting in discomfort.  I could feel my pupils contract and dilate with impeccable precision by the second as I wandered in-between patches of shade and light.

In the distance, I was startled and then lured in by a high-pitched scream.  Like a bark that carried on through the vegetation.  I knew it was another fox.  This might sound strange to a human, but I felt ‘sex’ inside myself in response to the sound despite the fact that it had not occurred externally.  The other fox was nowhere near me and yet, I felt the irresistible urge to conjoin and become fused. The orange energy consumed me like an excited fire.  I felt a sensation close to rage as a result of being burned up by the energy.  I wanted it and yet I didn’t want it.  To a fox, sex is like war.  A passionate magnetism mixed with desperate fury to escape and destroy the other.  I was becoming lost in this war.  de681455137a1797ca5f3c40a048d5a3.jpg











I decided to morph back into human perspective.  I asked my body to become human.  When I asked this, the transition did not happen slowly.  My senses went mute.  I could feel my astral body first and then see it naked and smudged by soil.  I couldn’t quite feel any sensation of temperature.  I sat like that for a time and decided to return to my body.  This time, I went by the sky.  I retracted through the low hanging clouds, back past the pelican, who was still in flight; back into the darkness of night and current time. 

I re-entered my own room and my body inside the room.  Instead of waking, I decided to try to deepen my consciousness within the darkness behind my closed eyes.  I hovered there, as if in presence meditation inside my body for what seemed like a very long time until deciding to allow my consciousness to diffuse into the body’s capillaries and nerve endings. 

awesome copy.jpgI was awake for the rest of the night full of energy in the moonlight room, full of creative energy.  I have started writing my fourth book this week.  I am never full of more vital energy for living than when I am writing a book.  Sleeping feels like a waste of precious time that I could be using to writing lately. 

It seems that no matter whether I am out of body as a fox or whether I am in my human embodiment creating, I am consumed by vitality.  I can’t help but think of a quote by the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham.  It goes like this:  “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action.  And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”Kxn4pSsXLZxi3Zr_ci0SJJ5BCd0.jpg

Costa Rica

images.jpegWhat never ceases to amaze me when I travel is that no matter where you go in the world, there are people just living out their lives.  Entire cultures that you may never have interacted with and may never have know about until you stumble across them.  When you are in a village in Southern France, watching people go to the local market to buy their artisan bread, you realize that they are totally oblivious to someone halfway around the globe in Nicaragua who is taking a bath out of a water bucket in their tin roof shack.  So many of these mini societies of people on earth are so isolated from the rest, they feel like the only reality when you are in them.  You can live in them and not even know that other realities exist.  The reality of the average person in New York would be unfathomable to the reality that a person in Puerto Vallarta accepts as normal for example.Atenas-Estanquillos-8.jpg







I have been in the rural mountains of Costa Rica for the last 6 days.  By rural, I mean that I have been without cell phone service the whole time, driving on mostly dirt roads.  I came here to scout out potential spots for upcoming retreats I’m planning for next year.  I also came here to visit and stay with my friend Kaypacha who is a very well known astrologer.  We met when we were both hired to speak at a 5-D conference in Florida some years ago. 


I am flying home today.  My heart sank to hear that I missed the first snow where I live.  I love the first snow.  My custom is to go out into it so that I can let it hit my bare chest.  It would feel so strange to live in a place with no real seasons.  I’m excited that I get to have a taste of the Winter before going on European tour again in November.       


43349808.jpgCosta Rica is unlike any place I have ever been.  Upon landing, I was assaulted by the humidity and by the rows of taxi drivers aggressively trying to get tourists into their cabs.  In between them, men who grab your bag without asking you in order to take them to the taxis so you can then give them some money for their completely un-asked for service.  It felt a bit like a financial opportunity feeding frenzy; a horrible welcome to the country.  I began to regret the trip immediately.  But upon continuing, I would find that the worst part about Costa Rica was the airport experience. 


 san-jose-house.jpgThe first day in Costa Rica, we made our way around San Jose.  As a foreigner what impacted me the most is that the doors and windows of every single house and shop is either covered in protective bars or protected by a gate, many of which are topped with razor wire.  It looked like the whole city was in self-imposed prison.  Prison designed to keep the criminals out instead of in.  As a foreigner it is not possible to see that and not feel unsafe.  The kind of unsafe that makes you feel like you have gotten in way, way over your head. 











In the days that followed I came to understand that in general, Costa Rica is in fact a peace-loving country.  It is not as violent as the look of the city would make you believe.  It is one of the safest developing countries in the world.  Jokingly the locals explained that when you live in Costa Rica, you just have to pretend that the police don’t really exist.  There is so much freedom and so little infrastructure and so little enforceable rules that unless something really, really serious happens; you’re kinda on your own to do something about it.  You’re also on your own to guard against it.  I can attest to this because the police in this country don’t even bat an eye when people pass them on a double yellow line highway going 30 miles over the speed limit.  In fact, I do not understand what security professionals do in this country exactly… except for stand by tellers when they take the cash out of their registers.  Costa Rica is really a land of petty crime.        


Many people say they love San Jose.  Perhaps given enough time, I could come to find things I like about the city as well.  But this time I could not get away from it fast enough.  And so, I did.


cr.jpgWe drove west into the hills and mountains.  What I found was enchantment.  Costa Rica is notorious for its allure.  People who partake in shamanic medicines will tell you that the medicines begin to call to you and that is how you know it is time to learn from them.  For example, when Kambo begins to call you, frogs begin to show up everywhere in your reality.  Costa Rica is like that.  It comes to you in dreams.  It comes to you in visions.  It shows up in conversations.  It calls you.  And Costa Rica has been calling people who are on the path of awakening (especially teachers of awakening) for the last few years with ardent determination.  That is why I came here.  I have never heard anything about Costa Rica.  Before coming here, I knew nothing about it.  It was never on my list of places I wanted to visit or felt called to before.  But about 6 months ago, it started to show up in my visions.  I kept getting the message, “This is the place”.  And so, because I follow callings no matter what, I came.


Costa-Rica-Jungle-Waterfall.jpgCosta Rica is widely considered to be the best site on the planet for permaculture.  It is also a prime location for intentional communities.  Having been here, I can attest to how true that is.  Costa Rica is the kind of place where if you throw a seed out the window on accident, three weeks later it is a tree.  The amount of vital force here is actually painful to the senses.  Between the tropical, jungle like vegetation and the reptiles and the insects and the mammals and the rich vitality of the soil, this place is overflowing with abundant life.  There is so much life force here that it is bursting at the seams and energetically encroaches on your personal space.  Being in this much life force energy is intense.  Emotionally it feels the same way as when you’re little and your mom tries to help you to take a drink, but tips the cup upside down for too long so you can barely keep it from spilling everywhere.  You end up with so much in your mouth that it is hard to swallow.  There is so much fruit here as well.  There is fruit everywhere you turn.  After only 4 days, I was sick of fruit.  The kind of exotic, tropical fruits that I throw a conniption fit of excitement about when I see them in the grocery store back home, are literally like weeds here.      


giant-cockroach.jpgSleeping here at night with all this life I thought to myself, there is no way that someone who lived here their whole life could conceptualize of the sound of silence.  The nighttime is nothing short of a chorus of insects and amphibians outside.  Also, it is so humid that there is no way that someone who lived here their whole life could conceptualize of what it means to be dry.  Being here, means being damp… All the time.  You have to get used to the texture of moist skin.  Every hug you get or give feels sticky. 

October is the rainy season.  It rains every afternoon here.  A few times since being here, it has rained like I’ve never seen before in my life.  Rain like you would think the house will just start moving off its foundation with a flood current.  Because of the wetness in combination with the perfect temperatures here, houses are built to remain open to the air.  But open to the air, means open to insects (not just little insects, big insects).  I spent some time this morning sitting with and then rescuing a cockroach that was the size of my hand who had found her way into the kitchen sink.  Two minutes later, I heard a buzzing and a loud smack.  I walked across the room to find a brilliant opalescent colored beetle the size of a silver dollar who had flown into the wall and become stuck on his back.  I think with my personality and subsequent “no kill” philosophy towards bugs, my life in Costa Rica would easily turn into an all day rescue mission for insects stranded in the house.       


Costa-Rica-road-nki.jpgDispersed amongst the tropical mountains and valleys beyond San Jose are little pockets of individual towns.  Every single one has a different feel.  Some feel dark, primal and predatory.  Some feel angelic and exalted.  The roads in these rural parts of Costa Rica are like a roller coaster.  It feels like you take your life into your hands every time you get behind the wheel.  In Costa Rica, road rules seem to be nothing more than a mild suggestion.  This includes which lane you are supposed to be driving in.  People whip around the blind corners and careen through the steepness with buses and covered trucks that take up both lanes of the road…  Roads where one side is a vertical mountainside covered in vines and the other is a thousand foot drop off.  Costa Ricans also think nothing of stopping in the middle of these roads.  They don’t bother to move their cars out of the way to stop at one of the many tiny fruit vender stands that line the rural roads.


I have fallen in love with these high mountain towns.  When the sun shines, they are like I would imagine paradise to be.  And when the fog rolls in with the rain, they are shrouded in mystery.             


Instead of doing an energetic diagnosis of a specific city or town in Costa Rica, I have decided I am going to do an energetic diagnosis of Costa Rica as a whole. 


central-park-atenas.jpgThe dominant negative vibration of Costa Rica is:  Unconcerned.  In general, the Costa Rican people demonstrate a lack of worry and a lack of interest in things that other people from around the world would really be interested in or worry about.  Things like standing right in the middle of a two-lane highway opposite a blind curve for example.  Or having no army.  Or showing up on time.  It is surprising how laid back the people here are.  Coming to Costa Rica means learning patience every single day.  Shops are often closed mid-day for siesta.  When they say “See you tomorrow”, that could mean tomorrow or next week or any arbitrary time of their choosing.  Though very welcoming, the people here do not seem bothered by the idea of letting someone else down.  It is not the most ‘responsible’ culture.  Things that should take no time can take weeks or even years here.  In general, because the people are so unconcerned, they lack discipline and drive to advance.  They live simply, VERY simply.  This is not necessarily a bad thing because often the most driven countries are the least present and the unhappiest countries.  And Costa Rica is a happy country.


IMG_6808.JPGBecause of how unconcerned the people of Costa Rica are there is very little momentum here.  Scarcity drives desire and desire creates momentum so perhaps that is why there is so little momentum here.  People live simply and so they do not want for much.  Costa Rica feels cut off from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the world and the world’s various regimes.  Visionaries who want to make a difference stick out like a sore thumb or a foreign species amongst the general population that seems quite satisfied with the way things are.  The dominant religion is Catholicism.  But unlike many of the South American countries, where being zealous about religion is what keeps people emotionally afloat, Costa Ricans feel more like they are trying to be Catholic.  As you can tell, the dominant negative vibration of the country is not very negative.  It is a super high vibrational place.












The dominant positive vibration of Costa Rica is: Fecundity.  Fecundity is basically fruitfulness and fertility.  The ability to produce abundant healthy growth or offspring.  It refers to a powerful productivity, usually in the area of natural growth, either from the earth or by human creation.  The dominant positive vibration of the country of Costa Rica is quite different to many countries because it is not a vibration contributed by the people.  It is a vibration contributed by the land itself.  After coming here, I am now convinced that this (along with the peace-loving culture here) is why Costa Rica is showing up for so many seers as an epicenter for The New Earth. 










The life force energy in Costa Rica is just so unbelievable.  It’s something you have to see for yourself to believe.  Rural Costa Rica would be a wonderful place to come spend time if you were struggling with infertility as well or tissue degeneration.  The dominant vibration of this place forces you into vitality and reproductive ripeness on all levels.  This fecundity creates a lush, pillowy energy field across the whole country.  The country is blanketed in vegetation too dense to walk through.  The result is the most incredible oxygen saturated air.  This air is so healing to the body to breathe.  The national slogan is “Pura Vida”.  It essentially means ‘pure life’.  And aside from the infiltration of American Consumer products, the country lives up to the name.  It would be possible to live a pure life here in Costa Rica.  A life that is unpolluted by so many of the detrimental influences that exist in the rest of the world.


download (1).jpegSince being here, I have not felt the sense of impending doom that I feel in so much of the world at this time.  Instead it is in the distance, like an emotional earthquake happening in a foreign land.  Several places around the world are becoming more unsafe by the minute.  And when individual countries (especially countries that are in power) go into defense mode that makes the whole world unsafe.  Conflict in the world is heating up and heating up.  Unfortunately, like usual, the citizens of the world have no idea what is going on underneath the surface charade they are seeing through the media.  Most of which is in fact pure façade.













Being here, I am even more convinced that what we must do individually is to decide what it is that we WANT.  We are focusing so much on what we don’t want in the world.  We think that knowing what we don’t want is the same as knowing what we want.  It isn’t.  We can use our awareness of what we don’t want to point us in the direction of what we want.  But each one of us needs to get really clear about what it is that we want.  And instead of just thinking about it, we need to start acting on it.  We have to stop making our ideal life a hypothetical and actually go for it.  We also need to begin to involve other people, with a compatible vision for themselves, in the building process of our true desires. 


Today, I ask you not to just read this blog.  Instead, I ask you to sit down and get clear about what you really want.  And tomorrow, I ask you to start putting it into action.  The time to do it is now… not later.  The world is waiting for you, don’t make it wait.   





The Completion Process vs. The Presence Process

fist-fight-shutterstock-crop.jpgSometimes we find in life that we face difficulties not because we are doing something wrong, but because we are doing something right.  I knew that by releasing The Completion Process I would be up against a lot.  I knew I would be facing difficulties because I would be doing something right in a society that is currently based on wrong.  But I must be honest and say that I had no idea that I would get the amount of resistance and antagonism that I am actually getting.  And the saddest part is that most of the resistance in this initial phase has been coming at me from people that I allowed and held the very closest to me.  The tonality of this year’s purification theme in my relationship sector has been betrayal.goody.jpg











When I am publicly attacked (which happens more and more now), it is difficult to know exactly what to do.  I have been adhering to a policy of staying out of it entirely.  I have been channeling all of my energy into my work instead.  But that works only up to a point.  That point is when the war against you starts to actually work.  It is easy to say “haters gonna hate so don’t let them steal your attention” when all they do is talk.  Talking is painful enough.  But my opposition is not content to simply talk.  Instead, they take action.  Action that has seriously impacted me this year.  Action like tanking my amazon ratings and going behind my back to turn people against me and hacking into my website and social media pages to try to shut them down and flooding my publisher with warnings and hate mail and contacting people who would hire me for appearances to talk them out of it and trying to take legal action against me.  At that point, sort of like when someone drops a bomb on your country, you have to be involved whether you like it or not.

sitonfence2.jpgAnd then there are the people in the middle.  It is these people that make it feel like you just can’t win.  They write me emails and post comments incessantly asking for a response to the attacks so they can make up their mind about you.  But for many of them, if you respond by defending yourself, they tell you that you are sinking to the level of your opposition and that they are disappointed in you.  If you do not respond, they assume your antagonists are right and side with them against you.

A while back, one of my principal haters decided to take the approach of making the case that I am a fraud because according to them, I “plagiarize all of my material”.  The thing about my various hate groups is that they have all decided to unite against the common enemy… Me.  There is even a closed Facebook group that serves as a place for all the people who hate me to coalesce.  It is dedicated entirely to Anti-Teal material.  And so, like a mantra that rippled through them all, plagiarism was the overwhelming accusation.  For many who follow my material and whom are insecure to begin with, this frightened them.  They started to feel disillusioned.  They started to doubt me.  Soon the people around me were flooded with e-mails from people expressing their sudden doubt in me and asking desperately for reassurance.

screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-2-47-56-pm.pngNaturally, when my new book, The Completion Process came out, the hate groups were quick to say that it too must be plagiarized.  They began throwing out names of other processes, designed by other teachers, as potential candidates for plagiarism.  The devotees of an Indian cult group (pictured at right) came after me saying I had stolen the process from their Guru, Nithyananda.  A Guru I had never heard of in fact until they brought the accusation against me.  However, their accusation held no weight whatsoever.  The two processes were not even remotely related in terms of content, both simply involved the name “Completion”.  And now, because that angle didn’t work, the hate groups are accusing me of stealing the process from Michael Brown who wrote a book called “The Presence Process.”  At this point, I wonder whom they are going to say I took The Process from next.  The problem is that it seems my haters have much more time on their hands to slander me than they have to actually be diligent about doing their research.  However, yet again, we keep receiving e-mails from worried fans who want to know if I stole the process from Michael Brown instead of Nithyananda.  And this time, it doesn’t feel good to just let the accusations go on without addressing it.  I am not going to address the plethora of insults thrown at me by my opposition whose intent is nothing more than character assassination.  But I will address their newest accusation.  And this time, I actually can address it because I actually am familiar with Michael Brown.  And so, for those of you who have asked for it, I will cross compare The Presence Process designed by Michael Brown with The Completion Process.

completionp_1.jpgTo begin with, it is critical to understand that I have been using this technique formally with my own individual clients since 2010.  I just so happened to used it on one of my clients in 2014 while I was on a trip in Florida.  He told me I really should turn it into a formalized process.  At first, I didn’t think I could break the process into formalized steps.  I also didn’t think I could train other people to be able to do what I was doing with people (facilitating the process) because of the extreme variables of the subconscious mind.  But I managed to do it.  I wrote the book detailing the process in 2 months.

Much like a mathematician who figures out a formula after years of toying with different figures, I figured out this process as a result of many variables.  It is an amalgamation of sorts.  I discovered what I now call emotional Vipassana as a teen when I was being abused (this is detailed in the beginning of the book).  I was introduced to the concept of visualizations involving the inner child and the safe place during the years of therapy that I underwent to overcome ritual abuse.  I understand soul retrieval and developed my own methodology involving it as a result of the out of body travel I have done both spontaneously and electively since I was born.  I discovered that triggers are the wormhole connecting us to the aspect of us that is unhealed so that we can create resolution through this out of body work and also by considering that any symptom we experience is our being trying to get our attention so as to heal (working with us instead of against us).  Being an expert in human emotion, I designed the process the way it is designed specifically to resolve emotional wounds.  The exact formula as to how all these different elements are supposed to fit together and why came to me and through me as a kind of ‘revelation’.

download.jpegMy antagonists claim that I took the process from Michael Brown’s presence process.  But the chronology is amiss.  I discovered Michael Brown because I was facilitating one of my clients with what is now called “The Completion Process”.  During this session, this client of mine said that 1 of the 18 steps in the completion process, including my suggestion of unconditional presence reminded her of the teachings of Michael Brown and his process that he calls The Presence Process.  I eventually did read the Presence Process and loved it.  We usually do love the things we already agree with.  This was YEARS AFTER The Completion Process was created (or channeled).

But for those of you who still want to know the difference between the two processes, I will outline them for you because I am familiar with The Presence Process and I am the very person who created The Completion Process.

Cross Comparison of The Presence Process and The Completion Process:

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOhAAAAJDc5MTIzZGU3LTM4NWEtNDI5Zi1hOTJiLTdiYmI1ZTQ5N2FmZA.jpgLike Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown is a master of presence.  Presence is not a concept that is owned by either teacher (nor by me nor by anyone in existence).  It is a staple of spiritual practice and has been for thousands upon thousands of years.   Instead, it is a state of being that any and all people will eventually develop awareness of when they progress down the path of spiritual awakening.  One thing that bothers me relative to intellectual property and spirituality is that if you take 2 people on opposite sides of the globe and make them meditate for years and write down their findings, you would essentially see the exact same thing (or we would hope) coming out of those writings. This is why the core of religions around the world is the same.   At that point, the question would be who plagiarized whom? The answer is neither.   It is the same because they are writing about the same thing.  In spirituality, teachers essentially write about the same thing in their own words.  Soul retrieval for example was practiced by the Shamans in South America and simultaneously by African Healers (despite the fact that they never met or interacted).  Anyone who developed the capacity to astral travel spoke about the fact that aspects of soul get stuck in space and time.  Anyone who developed the capacity to astral travel developed techniques for retrieving those stuck aspects.

_1365105.jpgThe main difference between The Presence Process and The Completion Process is that The Presence Process is designed to teach a person how to be 100% fully present with themselves no matter how they feel (bad or good).  Michael Brown has essentially managed to formalize mindfulness meditation for the western world.  He has made it so mindfulness meditation is no longer an abstract practice.  The entire point of The Presence Process is just as the name suggests, Presence.  The idea being that if you develop the capacity for unconditional presence, everything else, such as healing and awareness and insight will immediately occur on its own because the consciousness that is being directed in presence practice IS in and of itself the healing force.  The Completion Process on the other hand could reasonably be called a modern day soul retrieval process.  It is designed specifically to help you unhook from past traumas that you have experienced.  And it is no surprise that being unconditionally present with your triggers (strong emotional reactivity) is the first step to being able to go back in time and perform a soul retrieval on yourself.  Even though healing is the result that both processes create, The Processes themselves have two different overall aims.

The Presence Process is a ten-week experiential process that involves the following steps:

Week One:  The reader commences Michael’s 15-minute breathing practice 2 times daily to both start and end the day.  Being fully aware of the in breath and out breath.  Breathing without pausing no matter what.  This practice is to continue for the full 10 weeks.  The reader begins practicing the art of synchronizing the conscious response “I am here now in this” with the breath.  “I” on the in breath “Am” on the out breath. “Here” on the in breath. “Now” on the out breath. “In” on the in breath. And “This” on the out breath.  The reader is told that any discomfort they encounter is an indication of charged emotion surfacing for integration.

Week Two: The reader is asked to recognize their reflections and projections.  They are asked to notice their reactivity and to realize that their reactivity is nothing more than the result of an un-healed aspect of their own being that needs integration.  They are asked to recognize how they are projecting this unhealed aspect of themselves onto whatever situation is causing them to react.  The reader is asked to stop focusing on the circumstance that upset them and to instead realize that the upset is a messenger for the unhealed aspect of themselves.

Week Three: The reader is asked to respond instead of react.  They are asked to respond by taking their attention off of the event or person who is upsetting them, stepping away from the story that is causing them to react (dis-identifying).  And placing their attention on how they are feeling instead.  They are encouraged to become aware of the fact that this is a reflection of something unhealed and to become aware of what that unhealed something is by asking “When did I last experience this same felt resonance?”  (This is the step that is the most similar to one of the steps of The Completion Process.  Both processes recognize that when someone is emotionally triggered, it is an indication that the un-healed past is vying for attention.  However, The Presence Process asks you to have this awareness so that you can awaken from the “pre-written drama” (dis-identify from it).  On the other hand, The Completion Process uses this awareness to actually enter the past and to alter it (use your identification with it to create resolution).

Week Four: The reader is asked to learn how to feel unconditionally.  This is the basis of unconditional presence.  It means that no matter how you feel, you are there with the feeling instead of trying to change it.  The reader is told to be with the way they feel without trying to understand it, fix it, change it, visualize, transform, manipulate or heal it in any way.  Michael suggests that if you feel the upset, the unhealed past that is linked to it is instantly integrated into the consciousness.

Week Five: The reader is asked to connect with their own innocence.  Michael asks the reader to connect to their child self, the one who is un-healed and to realize that their current upset has nothing to do with what is happening now.  He proposes that the reader can imagine their child self standing in front of them and feeling exactly how they feel.  The reader is then asked to be completely unconditionally present with how the child feels without trying to change how the child feels in any way.  They are asked to practice unconditional presence with the child self.  This is an exercise presented in the book and not an actual part of The Presence Process itself.    He suggests that this is not necessary to do but that it may help you connect to your childhood self and recover your innocence.

Week Six: The reader is asked to move into a state of being (not a doing step).  Where they are asked to show up to any experience they may have and any charged emotion.  The reader is asked to deepen their commitment to presence.  This week the reader is being asked to have awareness of the state of being-ness.  This practice bares the closest resemblance to the teachings of Buddhist mindfulness (teachings also given by Eckhart Tolle).  The reader is told that along with their morning and night breathing practice, when they are upset, they are to practice the formal steps of presence (which we can say are the actual formal steps of the presence process)…

1. Dismiss the messenger (the ‘now’ situation causing them to be upset).  2. Turn their attention inside on the way the upset makes them feel.  3. Then they are to be 100% unconditionally present with how they feel and to feel it without agenda.  No fixing it, no manipulating it and no trying to understand it.  By feeling it without condition, the reader is told that it will integrate and be digested by the conscious.

Week Seven: The reader is asked to begin a practice, which they will continue for the next 3 weeks.  The reader is asked to submerge themselves in a bath of comfortably warm water for 15 minutes.  The reader is asked to focus on any feeling that surfaces as a result of being in the water.  Then they are asked to dry off and immediately attend to their 15 minute breathing session.  The reader is asked to not allow themselves to be absorbed in any story about why they feel the way they feel or what it means but instead to experience their own mental confusion that arises as a result of being present with the way they feel.  The idea is that by dis-identifying with the feelings but being fully present with them, a state of wholeness and holiness is restored.

Week Eight: The reader is asked to recognize that they cannot seek or make peace; they can only realize it.  They are asked to realize it through forgiveness.  Michael explains how we end up unhealed in childhood as a result of not being unconditionally loved.  The reader is encouraged to forgive their parents and bless them with the unconditional love that they, themselves wanted from their parents.  This creates peace.  The reader is encourages to be unconditionally loving (forgiving) towards themselves by being unconditionally present with the way they feel regardless of whether they feel positive or negative.  The reader is then asked to humbly pray for forgiveness.

Week Nine: The reader is asked to recognize their unconscious definition of love because Michael suggests that this is the barrier we have to unconditional love.  Michael suggests “Our unconscious definition of love is the resonance of the emotional signature we experienced as children whenever we needed to be loved.”  The reader is asked to identify the way they felt when they needed to be loved (for example, lonely or angry).  The reader is asked to acknowledge that this is their unconscious definition of love and therefore is the barrier to being unconditionally loving. The reader is asked to realize that in order to experience unconditional love, they must stop looking for love externally and give love to themselves instead through being unconditionally present with themselves and by practicing the art of giving what we need to ourselves.  For example, the reader is encouraged to stop seeking success externally and instead to simply imagine what success feels like right here and now.  Michael suggests that by doing this, success will naturally come to us which is different than trying to get success externally.  The reader is asked to become aware that giving unconditionally is receiving.

Week Ten: The reader is invited to consciously enter the unified field by realizing that they are not separate from everything they see as “other” in the world.  Much like the teachings of non-duality and oneness, Michael asks the reader to behave as if they are one with all life around them.  He suggests that to be able to feel this unification, we must stop doing and instead learn how to be.  The reader is asked to begin the practice of appreciation by giving things around them and ultimately themselves unconditional felt attention because by doing so, they are automatically seeing and acknowledging the value of it.  The reader is then asked to continue this (along with the previous nine steps of practice) as a way of living within the world.

4326506875_1ed6876e80_b-715x357.jpgAnyone who is familiar with The Completion Process can already see how different these two processes are.  But for those of you who are not familiar with The Completion Process, allow me to summarize it.

The steps of The Completion Process are as follows: 

•       Create a Safe Haven. We set up a Safe Haven (safe place) in our mind, and we also create a primary “Safe Support Figure.” This has to be done only once, unless you wish to create a different kind of place at another time.

•       Emotional Vipassana. We practice Emotional Vipassana in order to explore the feeling or trigger. When we have a strong uncomfortable emotion or feeling in the present, we close our eyes and sink into the feeling. We familiarize ourselves with the unique sensations of the feeling. We are unconditionally with that feeling, experiencing and observing it without needing it to change. After a time, we see if we can name the feeling. We can do this with ourselves regardless of whether there is a particular feeling present; it is simply much easier and more impactful when a strong emotion is present.

•       Validate the Present Feeling. We give the emotion or feeling the message that we are completely with it, that we see it as valid, that we care about it, and that we are ready and want to know what it has to say. We are open to fully receiving it.

•       Invite the Memory to Surface. We use the sensations of the feeling like a rope connecting us to the origin or causation of that very feeling. We ask, “When was the first time I felt this exact same feeling?” And instead of mentally chasing the answer, we let our being offer it up to us like a bubble floating up from the depths of the ocean in whatever form it comes.

•       Re-Experience the Memory. If/when a memory surfaces, we observe and experience the memory in whatever way it comes to us. We take time to be present with the intensity of the feeling of the memory. We emotionally re-experience it.

•       Validate the Feeling within the Memory. We give the emotion in the past (same as we did when it was present tense) the message that we are completely with it, that we see it as valid, that we care about it, and that we are ready and want to know what it has to say. We are open to fully receiving it.

•       Step into Adult Perspective within the Memory. When we feel ready, we step out of the perspective we are currently in (such as first person) within the memory and step into the perspective of our current adult self within the memory. In other words, we move from passively witnessing the memory to active visualization.

•       Validate the Child’s Emotions. We comfort and show affection and unconditional, focused presence to our child self in the scene with one prerogative in mind, validation of the child’s emotions. We give the child the message that it is right and OK to feel how they feel, and we give the child permission to fully feel how they feel. If we feel unequipped to do this, we bring our Safe Support Figure from the Safe Haven into the scene to do this for our child self.

•       Await Relief. We wait for the child self in the scene to naturally move in the direction of relief (keeping in mind the child selves may just need you to prove that you will be there for them forever, just as they are).

•       Call Back Other Fractured Aspects of Self. We “call back” any other fractured aspects of the self that are present in that one scene and lovingly merge them into the core child self, so we are only dealing with one child self.

•       Meet the Child’s Needs within the Memory. When and if the child feels validated and is ready to move forward emotionally, we take action to find a resolution to the situation at hand. This is where creativity and individuality are important. We must find out what need is not being met and meet it. We can say things to our child selves that make them feel good. We can stand up for our childhood selves. Give suggestions and take suggestions but, ultimately, trust yourself (or the person doing the process) to know what is needed to alter the circumstance. Above all, trust the child self in the scene to know what he or she wants and needs.

•       Choice to Stay or Go. When a feeling of relief has occurred as a result of taking action to change the circumstance in the memory, we give the child the choice to stay in the memory/visualization or to come to the Safe Haven.

•       Check for Completion. If the child chooses to stay, we ask the child why he or she wishes to stay, we respond accordingly, and we repeat Steps 10–12 if necessary before bringing the process to a close. As we repeat the steps, we check again for any more nonintegrated, fractured aspects of the child self that might still be stuck in the memory. If we find any, we merge them into one child self and ask again. We trust the child to know what is right for him or her and we meet all of the child’s needs within the context of the memory. If the child wants or needs someone to stay, we leave an aspect of ourselves or our Safe Support Figure there with our child self. If the child chooses to go to the Safe Haven, the child is brought to the Safe Haven.

•       Enter Safe Haven and Deactivate the Memory. Coming into the safe haven, the memory the child was taken out of is then closed (for example, shrunk or popped like a balloon).

•       Create Purification and Healing. Place the child (or children) in the healing water and bathe them as a purifying and healing ritual for entering into the Safe Haven. The child drinks the water as well. This symbolically ends the previous life in the memory so that the child can begin a new life here in the Safe Haven.

•       Meet the Child’s Needs within the Safe Haven. The child’s needs and wants are met within the context of the Safe Haven to the degree that the person doing the process feels as if the session is complete.

•       Option to Stay or Merge. The child is given the choice to stay in the Safe Haven or to rejoin and merge with the adult perspective. If the child chooses to stay, lovingly embrace and support that choice. If the child chooses to merge, we imagine the child merging with our adult perspective and becoming a part of us, like a puzzle piece going back into place.

•       Return to Conscious Perspective. We return to conscious perspective, taking at least a few deep breaths as we bring our consciousness back to real time. And we gently take time to re-acclimate to the sharpness of our surroundings and the new level of integration and presence that we feel. We need to be present with the way we feel when we come out of the process. Our body needs to process the integration that just occurred.

blog-opposing-forces.jpgThe Completion Process is not a practice that unfolds over the course of several weeks.  It is a single sitting process that is designed to be done any time someone feels emotionally triggered.  Both Michael Brown and I agree that to heal past trauma, you must not try to escape from the pain you are feeling when you become upset.  You must instead go ‘towards’ the feeling.  Both Michael Brown and I agree that unconditional presence is the principal agent for gaining awareness and consequently for healing.  Michael Brown suggests in his process that going towards the feeling with an attitude of unconditionality is in and of itself enough to fully transform it so we can experience ourselves as whole again.  And I suggest that the reader in fact capitalize on the feeling in order to journey backwards in time specifically to understand it, fix it, change it, visualize, transform, manipulate and heal it.  So The Presence Process and The Completion Process in fact directly oppose one another in this respect.

Wherever hatred exists, people who are creating revolutions within the system will be a target for attack.  Unfortunately, slander works because people believe what they hear.  If something is repeated enough and by enough people, everyone assumes it must be right.  This is why consensus that is reached by a group of people fueled by hatred is such a dangerous thing.


Dodge Ball

Above the earth you can see that like insects burrowing through tree bark, people have etched the landscape below with roads that intersect in chaotic patterns until they disappear beyond where the eye can follow. You can see the romance between the mountains and the weather.  Sometimes the delicate clouds cling to their slopes like swooning schoolgirls.

Mormon.jpgTrue to the law of attraction’s lengthy tradition in my life, I have boarded this plane and I have been seated right beside a Mormon.  Not just any Mormon; a professor at BYU.  She struck up conversation with me.  She found out what I do for a living.  It turns out that she was an Olympic long track speed skater in the 60’s.  I used to be a long track speed skater.  I realized we were bonding in some way as more and more similarities began to surface between us.  She was in her 70’s.  I don’t love unnecessary conflict.  Now is not the time to share my past regarding the Mormon Church.  I am authentically aware that I am not being authentic in this moment.  Inside, I feel the burn of prejudice that is born from hurt inside my heart.  Outside, I am acting as if I am fully accepting of her religion. Authentically, it is more important for me to practice understanding someone instead of allowing myself to shut this woman out, which part of me wants to do. 

Woman-Praying-With-Bible.jpgI asked her “So how did you find the Mormon Church”.  She explained to me that she belonged to a non-denominational church and wanted to know the true word of Jesus Christ.  And that one-day, many years ago, two missionaries knocked on her door and that everything they said made sense to her.  So she prayed about it and God told her that she was meant to join the church.  She said that before she felt God speak directly to her and confirm his love for her, she was anxious and used to beat herself up with negative self talk.  She said that she used to view the world through a ‘belief window’ of God doesn’t like me and I am not good enough.  But then, once that window was removed, her life was never the same.  She felt wonderful and knew she was loved by God. 

28242-faith-makes-miracles.jpgI asked this woman “So, how did you remove that belief window?”  She stopped talking.  She looked confused.  She could not answer me. She said, “you know, I can’t tell you what it was because it wasn’t something I did.  It just happened as a result of just knowing that God loved me.  It was faith.”  I smile at her. She pulls out her Church approved newspaper and begins reading.  I look out the window while the plane builds up more and more momentum for take off and think to myself “Sometimes I wish it were just that simple.  Sometimes I wish all people could be the kind of people who just believe something because it feels good to believe.  Or the kind of people who just wake up one day from rolling off of a park bench or from hitting rock bottom with the spontaneous ‘knowing’ of God or Source.”  But many, many people aren’t this kind of person.  For them, faith isn’t a good enough reason to overlook proof.  They know that this is more like denial.  For them, the proof in their life has always pointed to either no God or a malevolent God/universe that certainly is not on their side.

inTheory.jpgI’ve decided that one of my functions on this earth is to serve as a spiritual guide for this kind of person… Because regardless of my capacity to straddle spiritual dimensions, I am more like this kind of person myself.  As many of you already know, I detest theoretical spirituality.  Let me explain theoretical spirituality.  ‘Unconditional love’ and ‘forgiveness’ and ‘letting go’ are all abstract concepts because in general, people can’t tell you HOW to do them, they just simply tell you to do them.  This is because they are not things that you do… They are things that happen or unfold within you as the result of prior steps.  You cannot force them any more than you can force the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  But many teachers think that you can rush the process by simply deciding to be unconditionally loving or deciding to forgive or deciding to let go.  This doesn’t actually work.  People can’t just decide to do or be these things.  But based on the fact that spiritual teachers say, “just let go” as if it is possible and should be easy to do, most people feel ashamed that they can’t.  So instead, they start to pretend to be able to.  They develop a thick spiritual façade and walk around saying “Namaste” and preaching forgiveness, when the aspect of them that has not forgiven and does not unconditionally love and cannot let go is stuffed deep down in the subconscious mind and acts out in all kinds of ways that they, themselves are oblivious to. 

cache_949169853.jpgMost spiritual teachers teach theoretical spirituality. Most teachers teach theoretical spirituality because contrary to what they may say, they have not conquered their own ego. Being convinced that they are absent of ego, they are unaware of their Ego’s actual activity. For example, if I was unaware of how the ego is working through me right now, I would be unaware that my ego desires to feel as if it is a better spiritual teacher than anyone on earth.  I would be unaware that when it started to feel bad about itself as a result of comparing itself with the woman sitting next to me on this plane (who experiences no anxiety because she is capable of ‘just having faith’), it immediately looked for and found a way that is was in fact better than this woman.  Better because unlike her, I can actually help people to remove their belief lens as opposed to tell them, “it just happens when you chose to have faith”.  And best by telling myself that my ability to do that makes me better than all the other spiritual teachers.  And low and behold, my ego brings me to this space of isolated #1 ness, where I am completely and totally alone in my own significance. 

It is very dangerous to not be aware of the activity of your own ego.  It is especially dangerous when you are not aware of the activity of your own ego when you are a spiritual teacher, with thousands of people looking to you for guidance. 

ego.gifThe ego is not your enemy.  It is simply your sense of separate self. The ego only exists in a state of comparison.  You cannot conceptualize of yourself as a ‘thing’ without having some ‘other thing’ to compare yourself to. Black cannot be black in a world without any another color to compare it to.  It is tempting to feel shame once you become aware of your ego’s activity in a world that says the ego is NOT OK.  I am hoping that one day, we will create a society that doesn’t make the unacceptable so unacceptable that people have to hide it… even from themselves.

My ego wants to destroy the people who are against me right now; especially those who have betrayed me by switching from fans to haters.  My ego wants to make them vanish into thin air so it never has to face the discomfort of caring what other people think about it while knowing that people think badly of it.  My ego desperately needs people to like me and to celebrate my work and to know the truth about me, instead of believing lies.  My ego needs other people to see it as good to feel its own goodness.  But I cannot take care of my own ego by shaming and banishing it for its needs and desires.  I cannot take care of my own ego by allowing it to act on those needs and desires.  I can only take care of my own ego through being with it completely with understanding and compassion.  I can take care of my own ego by allowing the warmth of my own consciousness to melt away its fear. 

class.jpgI woke up this morning feeling condemned.  The desperate feeling of being wrongly and unfairly accused.   But because I am coming up against a consensus (one of the most dangerous things in the world), there is nothing I can do.  The powerlessness inherent in being accused of something you did not do, but having no one on your side, instead having them jump on board to condemn you. 

I sat in an airport restaurant and went into the feeling.  I used The completion Process.  Ironically, I did not go back to my abuse history.  Instead, I was 7 years old.  I was in my second grade class.  The teacher was holding a classroom spelling contest.  I was particularly gifted with English as a child.  I wrote all the time.  I was writing at about teen level when I was in grade school.  I also have a relatively photographic memory, which is super beneficial when your mother quizzes you on spelling over the summer (like my crossword puzzle master mom did).  In fact my 4th grade teacher always said I’d be a writer when I grew up.  I am also a hyper-achiever and perfectionist.  I am a bit ashamed to admit it to everyone, but I actually likedschool tests.  So, spelling was simple for me.  I got up in front of the class and kept getting word after word right. 

big-girl-bully.jpgAlmost everyone had a kid in school who was their nemesis. The funny thing is that almost all of us can remember that kid.  We still feel traumatized by him or her, despite the fact that we are now adults and “should” be way beyond this.  Well, when I was seven, I had one such nemesis.  She joined the school in the middle of the school year.  She was stocky and stood at least two heads above all the other girls. She was a bully.  She seemed angry all the time and pretty much everyone was so terrified of her that they had decided to make her their leader so as to not be bullied.  One week after coming into the school, she targeted me by deliberately taking away my only school friend at the time.  Anyway, on this particular day, half way through the test, she decided to yell to the teacher while I was up in front of the class that she has seen me cheating and that is why I was getting all of the words right.  About 5 other kids in the class chimed in (including my former class friend) that they, too had seen me cheating at my desk before getting up in front of the class.  I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe what was happening. 

down.jpgI thought my teacher would stand up for me.  But she didn’t.  She did the opposite.  She assumed that because there were 6 kids all corroborating the story, they were in fact telling the truth.  She told me to sit down and lectured the class about the morality of cheating and forbid me from continuing the spelling test.  This was my first lesson about the danger of consensus and the special flavor of torment when the consensus is that you are guilty of something you are in fact not guilty of. No matter what you say, you are condemned.

assume.jpgWhen I went through The Completion Process with this little girl self of mine, I had to help her to accept that she is defeated and that nothing she will say will make them change their mind.  I told her this would have to be a long-term game.  Essentially, if she keeps winning and keeps winning, eventually the teacher and class are going to have to accept it is because of her talent, not because she was cheating.  Once we did that, I held her and my adult self stepped up in front of the class and went into ‘teacher mode’.  I singled out the ‘follower kids’ and I asked them to tell me how they could be 100% sure that Teal was cheating.  They waffled in their seats.  I asked them “Did you actually ever SEE her cheating or did you just assume it was true, because this other girl said it was true?”  They nodded their heads yes.  I said “I want you to imagine how you would feel if that just happened to you.  If everyone assumed you did something bad just because someone else said so and there was nothing you could say or do to convince them otherwise.”  They all looked sad and guilty. 

grass.jpgThen I switched my focus to little Teal’s bully.  At first, she stuck to her guns and she defiantly yelled, “Yes, I saw her cheating”.  I had to change up my game. I asked her if she remembered how good she was at dodge ball.  She seemed to soften.  I told her that Teal is not good at dodge ball, but she is good at spelling.  And the lie that you’ve been told is that you have to be good at spelling.  You don’t have to be good at spelling.  You can be terrible at spelling because when you go to the Olympics (someone totally should have recruited this kid to a sport) how good you are at spelling isn’t going to matter.  You can get someone to spell for you. 

And when Teal becomes a writer, its not going to matter how good she is at dodge ball (I hated dodge ball).  And you can be friends.  It’s even better if Teal is bad at dodge ball because then everyone will see how great you are at it.  Like magic, this little bully became kind of a champion.  She said she was sorry she made up that I cheated because she felt bad that I was good at spelling and the class went out for recess.  We played dodge ball.  But this time, this bully of mine wanted to be on my team.  She defended me in fact.  When someone threw a ball at me, she got super pissed and took them out with a ball that was thrown so fast it knocked the other kid over completely.  My child self wanted to stay there in fact.  She didn’t even want to come to the safe place. 

run.jpgI love healthy competition.  You can’t really love competitive sports without loving some aspect of competition.  At its best, competition allows us to stretch the envelope.  At its best, competition allows us to push ourselves and each other to expand further than we thought we could.  It forces us to face and dissolve all the barriers we have to success.  And sometimes, it is just plain fun.  But at its worst, competition destroys lives.  Living in a competitive society, where your worth is determined by your success in comparison to other members of society, guarantees cruelty within society.  It guarantees that the ego will become attached to being the best and will desire to annihilate anyone who threatens you being the best.  Perhaps even more accurately said, the ego will desire to annihilate anyone who threatens you being perceived by the rest of society as the best.  And the ego often accomplishes its goals through any means necessary. 

hand.jpgSo often underneath the person you call your enemy, is an ego that has been damaged by society in this way…  A person that feels as if their personal value is at stake by virtue of you being in the world.  Today, I have the dream of a society where people are not damaged by the collective consensus in this way.  Today, I dream of a society where your value to the group is no longer based upon the level of your success in comparison to other people.           


The Phenomena

113986885_large_gotowallcom20120903_023156_2884.jpgRows of needle sharp, gothic spires pierce the sky, which always looks like a painting.  A cobblestone path winds up the cliffs and into the castle.  Hovering above the pathway in levitation is a line of beeswax candles.  They stay aglow no matter whether there is wind or not.  They light the way, both day and night for the witches and wizards that meander up and down the pathway in their cloaks.  Occasionally one of them stops to acknowledge another.  A herd of hippogriffs fly like buzzards in the sky, surveying the fjord below them.  I am at home here.  I feel like I belong.  Because of that belonging, I do not feel compelled to ever leave. 

powerofthoughts.jpgMind creates reality.  It is easy to think of thought as if it is an abstraction.  However, you are in fact a thought.  You are a thought that was thought by Source (the larger part of you, that united consciousness which many call God).  Our thoughts shape our 3-D reality.  But what most people don’t know is that the ‘reality’ we live here on earth is in fact a consensus reality.  It is a time-space construct, which is a co-creation.  There are other time-space constructs that are not consensus realities.  They are entirely individual in nature.  Upon coming into this human life, you opt into certain constructs that have been agreed to by consensus, such as ‘the law of attraction’ and ‘the human body’ and ‘gravity’ and ‘the perception of time’ for example.  You can think of it like choosing to play a game and by choosing to play that game, agreeing to certain rules.  Outside this dimension, those same rules that you opted into, no longer apply. 

kids-dream.jpgBefore going on, I must say that over time the belief in the solid truth of the particular consensus reality we are living in, makes us less and less capable of both imagining and therefore creating anything outside this reality.  We become boxed in by the very ‘rules’ that we originally agreed to.  This is why children are so much better at creating original dimensional time-space constructs.  A child can create terrifyingly fast because they have no opposing thoughts to their imagination.  For example, they do not counter the thought of a unicorn which the thought “unicorns don’t exist”.     

When you are living your life, the thoughts that are generated as a result of your desires and beliefs and experiences here are capable of creating entire time space realities in this universe outside the 3rd dimension.  The best way to wrap your head around this is to think about your dreams.  Have you ever had a place in your dreams that you keep going back to over and over again?  When you get there, you already know the place even though you have never been there in this life?  Perhaps the same people keep showing up there, as if they belong to the place?  If this is the case, the chances are highest (unless you are a conscious out of body traveller) that it is a ‘dimensional reality’ that has been created by you.  And at night, you are in fact visiting this reality construct out of body.  Other beings in the universe may or may not be participating in that construct as well.  I pierce through the veil of these kinds of reality constructs often in order to communicate with people.  It is one of the main reasons why people ‘dream’ about me so often.  It is also one reason why it is so easy for me to completely understand each person’s subconscious mind.       

filing_images_8e79ef3f42d7-13.jpgThe more thought and energy that goes into something, the more power and substance there is behind the manifestation of that thing.  We manifest both wonderful and awful things.  When people began to conceptualize of punishment and reward and started to control society with that concept, the idea of hell and heaven came into being.  For thousands of years, perhaps the two largest human created reality constructs outside this dimension were heaven and hell.  Some of the most powerful and pervasive thought forms belonged to either; beings like angels or demons.  Think of all of the millions and millions of people who have fed their energy and thought into this idea.  That energy and thought did not go ‘nowhere’.  It actually created opposing 7th dimensional time-space reality constructs that permeated all the way through the 4th dimension and even on occasion into the 3rd dimension.  The people, who feed these reality constructs in life, pass through them when they withdraw from this life and return back to source in death.  Even though many of the demonic possessions that occur are in fact simply a misinterpretation of dissociative identity disorder (as a result of trauma), some of them were in fact thought inter-dimensional thought forms penetrating our dimension.

top-books-of-2014-820x380.jpgIn 1997 a phenomena occurred.  A woman published a book…  A book that made its way into the hands of many, many children across the globe.  This book was a particular favorite amongst children who had poor self esteem and who did not fit in.  This book was about a place where their unique significance would be recognized.  This book was about a place where they had the power to effect and control their reality.  This book was about a place where they could belong, a place far, far away from the ordinary world.  This book was about a place where they had support from people who could understand them and where the people who ‘just didn’t understand them’ could never go.  This book touched every single missing emotional need that a child could have.  As a result, this book became an escape for millions of children.  But as they read the book, their thoughts began to feed the original 6th dimensional time-space construct that was created by the author herself.  Some years later, the books were turned into movies.  Beginning in 2001 and spanning 10 years… Which reached the entire world.  The construct began to expand and expand, become more and more manifested and some children in fact split their consciousness so as to be able to live there instead of here.  This time space reality became manifested within the universe to the degree that it became the third largest human co-created extra dimensional construct in existence.  The time-space constructs created as a result of movies such as Star Wars and video games such as World Of War Craft were insignificant compared to the magnitude and complexity and gravity of it.

9780545162074_p0_v2_s1200x630.jpgThe author was J.K. Rowling.  The book was Harry Potter.  And chances are, I don’t need to say more because you already know what it is.  A ‘reality’ that penetrated the consciousness of all people on the globe, regardless of their nationality, race, creed or religion. 

As an out of body traveller, I first became aware of Harry Potter when I ended up piercing the veil of this time-space reality from the 6th dimension.  I was 15 at the time.  It was my brother who pulled me there the first time.  I followed his consciousness when he fell asleep.  He was reading the books at the time.  I was already too old for the books to appeal to me.  I was consumed instead with Romeo and Juliet and Titanic (essentially the promise of all consuming love). 

423.jpgLong story short, I followed him up a hill and let him disappear towards Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I stood motionless, mesmerized by a colossal tree that stood before me.  It was aware of my presence.  Everything in this place seemed alive and full of magic, every person, every creature and every object.  The tree creaked and moaned as if it were a cranky old man.  I had no idea what I was standing below until much later.  It was the Whomping Willow.  Since that day, I have spent what seems like an eternity exploring this time-space reality.  Two years ago, after an integration session in which I rescued my own 11 year old self from the feeling of not belonging, I even took my 11-year-old self (the age students are officially allowed to enter Hogwarts) to be sorted by the Sorting Hat in a ceremony.  I was sorted into the Slytherin house.  The next year, I discovered that Rowling had created an entire online reality called where the programmers had found a way to sort its users into whatever house they belonged to.  I was curious if the programmers would be accurate.  It turns out that they were.  I was also sorted into Slytherin by the computer software.  Are we really so surprised? Haha

f7ee40c961d5a8057be60c325e3d739c.jpgI love the time space reality created by the phenomena called ‘Harry Potter’.  I am jealous sometimes that I did not have this construct to cope with back when I was suffering from all of the abuse.  Let’s face it, most of Teal Tribe, myself included, is a collection of people who would all belong at Hogwarts better than we belong here on earth.  When I am doing soul retrieval work with people under a certain age, I end up having to go to this time-space construct to retrieve soul fragments at least 70% of the time.  People even end up there on medicine journeys sometimes.  And the construct is littered with people who are dreaming.  I followed one of the members of my own community there (Gabi) just last week.

2944861-hogwarts.jpgSomething that took me a year or so to figure out about this time-space reality created by the focus on Harry Potter is that it is a consensus reality that behaves like an individual reality.  Meaning, there is a ‘rule’ that is a consensus rule that trumps experiencing the reality construct as a consensus reality.  The rule is that the time-space reality will reflect you, yourself, individually.  For example, the weather and seasons change according to the mood you are in when you enter.  Some children who are particularly lonely and isolated are not a vibrational match to an animal familiar once they enter (I was one of these).  And very few people experience Harry Potter himself as the chosen one, but instead experience themselves as the chosen one while they are there.  In fact the original characters, such as Harry and Hermione and Ron rarely appear in anyone’s experience of this time space reality.  All characters in the construct in fact support or antagonize your mission and purpose there. 

HarrowSchool.jpgYou have to exit your own perceptual bubble within the time space construct itself in order to see what other people are perceiving while their consciousness is focused there.  Otherwise, like an empty hologram, they will only appear as actors in your own play there and you will only appear as an actor in theirs.  When I was first performing soul retrievals from this construct, it was impossible to get people to come back to their adult lives on earth with me because when I tried to from within my own perceptual experience of Hogwarts, their own perceptual bubble would distort me into one of Lord Voldemort’s chosen ones so they could experience themselves as the hero by virtue of resisting me.

quantumphysics.jpgBesides the absolute genius wonder of the actual dimensional construct created by Harry Potter, what I love the most is that Rowling managed to reach an entire generation of people who might have switched off their ‘spirituality’ as young teens as a result of investing their being in 3-D existence and instead caused them to keep it switched on.  As a result a whole wave of spiritual beings are entering adulthood now.  These are people who by nature of this influence and the positive association they have with magic are able to think beyond the limiting societal constructs this world is built on.  It makes you think… We ought to be very, very deliberate about what entertainment we are feeding the world, especially our youth.

I can hear the rumble of the train in the distance.  The occasional screech of the metal wheels against the track.  It exhales its steam as it approached Hogsmeade village.  The Alp-like mountains hug the place, but not with softness.  Occasionally, their peaks turn pink by virtue of reflecting an Aurora that wanders around the landscape like an apparition.  I am wearing a black velvet cloak.  I am on my way to teach a class on shadow work (hacking the subconscious mind).  I am holding a phoenix feather instead of a wand.  I do not have to enter the main corridor of the castle.  I place the feather on the glassy surface of a gray, marble birdbath that is filled with ink black water.  When it touches the water, the water turns solid like Obsidian.  A heavy crack echoes below my feet, like a chamber cracking open for the first time in a hundred years.  I step backwards to allow the granite gray stones of the courtyard to re-arrange themselves into a spiral staircase that goes down, instead of up. 


Toronto, Canada

 Toronto belongs to the rain today.  Its citizens have been driven indoors.  The city buildings are backlit entirely by blue gray sky.  I am flying home today after a succession of days doing interviews and screening Paola Marino’s new documentary about my life (Open Shadow) and putting on our Synchronization Workshop here. 

Tornonto Te.jpgThe workshop yesterday was hilarious from my perspective because of how many people got on stage with problems that were not really problems.  It was the theme.  At one point, I started laughing and threatened the crowd that at the end of the event, I would stand at the door with a sharpie pen and write “there’s nothing wrong with you” across each person’s forehead with it.  It was a collection of people who had become convinced dysfunction existed, where it did not exist.  I found the crowd to be so ‘polished’ that it was difficult to get deep into their pain.  I came wanting to dive deep and be fully submerged in internal work with each person.  Who knows, I may very well have been getting people in deeper than they had been before.  But to me it felt like I was holding their hand and wading them in and when they got to around knee-deep level, they would thank me and suggest they had reached a revelation and then get back out of the water.  Just like in England, it was difficult to get people to express anything raw or politically incorrect.  That kind of timidity of self-expression is both endearing and tempting.  I so wanted to go chair-to-chair shaking everyone out of their inhibition.

download (1).jpegThe dominant negative vibration of Toronto is: Comfortably Uncomfortable.  I’m going to get it out of the way and just say that Toronto has one of the highest vibrations I’ve seen in a major city.  Even though you can find trauma and pain anywhere you go in this world, in general Toronto is not a hot spot for negative.  In general, the people of Toronto don’t really suffer.  This may be why the dominant negative vibration of the city is comfortably uncomfortable.  When a person really suffers, they can’t afford to not make a change.  The pain catapults them into questioning and trying to find a way to feel better.  But when a person is uncomfortable, they often find a way to minimize the discomfort instead of do something drastic to change it. 

dissatisfied-2.jpgThe people of Toronto are not comfortable, but they also aren’t so uncomfortable that they feel particularly inclined to do something about it.  So the dominant negative vibration feels like a mildly irritating dissatisfaction.  It’s a bit like an energetic cold virus that simply makes your nose stuffy and eyes watery, but doesn’t prevent you from calling in sick to work.  But it is a cold that everyone has caught and that does not go away.  If the people of the city did shadow work, it should be an exploration into their ‘dissatisfaction’.  However, shadow work would most likely not be a real interest for the average person in Toronto because to face the fear of going into their shadow, a person has to have motivation enough.  And like I said before, people here are comfortably uncomfortable.

2016515-toronto-diversity.jpgThe dominant positive vibration of Toronto is: Convergence of Diversity. Toronto kind of feels like Europe, USA and the Native Nations of North America all got together and made a baby.  Lots of cities pride themselves on diversity.  And there are many cities in the world that can say they are diverse.  But Toronto really ‘takes home the trophy’.  It takes home the trophy because it is one thing to say that a city has a lot of diversity just because people of all different kinds of ethnicity live and coexist there.  It is another thing entirely for a city to not even really boast about diversity because diversity is a complete non-issue there.  Being in Toronto, the social tension that exists in tandem with differences like skin color and religion and culture cannot really even be felt.  There is a convergence of the diversities that exist there.  The various flavors of people blend and mix and do not seem to clash like they do elsewhere.  It doesn’t feel like Asians limit themselves to only being friends with other Asians or blacks feel oppressed or whites feel a cut above the rest.  And it doesn’t feel like when races or cultures meet, the friendliness is forced.  It’s so wonderful to feel the total relief of it being a non-issue.  Because to be quite honest, in many places where diversity is present, places like New York for example, it absolutely IS an issue that people are fighting to try to make a non-issue.

inner-world-the-natural.jpgThis convergence of diversity is not just taking place on the manifested 3-D level.  I love going out in Toronto because of the diversity within people as well.  It is fascinating.  The people of Toronto, though unwilling to dive into the shadow, are not shallow people.  Each one is rich with an internal world all their own.  It is as if there is a fantasy reality inside them where people make their homes mentally.  They do not readily express this internal world to others.  They keep it inside, like a treasure in a chest.  What sets these particular internal worlds apart is that they are full of vision.  The people of Toronto have so much vision that they are hiding from the world instead of expressing.  When I was on stage, I directly asked the audience to become aware of and express this vision so it can be a tangible reality for all of us instead of something that is kept only for them and restricted only to the realm of fantasy.  A part of me feels sad.  I feel like if especially the youth of Toronto decided to externally act out their internal vision, they could radically alter the world.  They would come up with the solutions so much of the world has been seeking.  But they have been disempowered from expression in general.  The youth have been taught that to express one’s inner vision (vision for themselves and for the world) is to impose.  And the overall culture in Canada treats imposition like a mortal sin.                                                                                      

JG8dLK8vxNmcCC8OAQne.jpegThe social atmosphere of Canada in general is soft.  The energy of the collective has a marshmallow like buoyant softness to it.  Even in its major cities (like Toronto) the people are non abrasive and polite in comparison to the collective in other places.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place where people say, “I’m sorry” more than here.  They say “I’m sorry” for everything.  If you bump into someone on the street, it is common for them to say “I’m sorry”.  If you tell them they can stop saying sorry, they say “I’m sorry” for saying “I’m sorry”.  It makes the city itself feel safe.  I love how safe Canada feels.  Canada is not going to be starting wars any time soon.  It’s sort of a wallflower country because of this non-abrasiveness.  Its overall neutrality makes it easy for foreigners to forget.  It is not a country with a strong ‘flavor’ so to speak.  People say that Switzerland is the most neutral country in the world.  But from an energetic standpoint, Switzerland is more avoidant.  Canada is truly neutral.

I didn’t have enough time on this trip to experience as many things that are unique to Toronto as I would like.  I did try a vegan version of poutine (a Canadian staple) a few nights ago.  It is essentially a bowl of French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curd.  I was laughing heartily as I ate it.  The idea of it is such a put off.  But in the world of cuisine, many combinations that would seem gross are incredible.  Unfortunately, this was not the case on this occasion.  This time, I can only hope the unethical (original) version of this dish tastes better than the version that I tried. 

os_73511347976374.jpgPeople who live in cities thrive as a result of seeking out the little specific places in the city that add up to a kind of needs-meeting routine.  Those places become familiar and that familiarity makes people feel both identified with their city and secure.  Toronto is the kind of city that would become familiar in no time.  I am watching people walk down the street invested in their cozy routines.  I wish I could follow each one of them to wherever they are going.  I would be sure to encounter wonderful things.

b and t.jpgIn honor of Toronto, and before I board my flight to return home, I am going to end this blog by saying that so often we, as people, go to every corner of the globe trying to find out what is wrong with us.  Then we go to every corner of the globe trying to find out how we can make ourselves better.  And it never really works.  And so we go to every corner of the globe trying to figure out why it isn’t working.  When the reason it isn’t working is that the only thing that is wrong with us… Is that we think there is something wrong with us.






Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 images.jpegThe dilapidated buildings stand against the rain.  Their concrete crumbling.  Their rebar protruding like broken bones.  Once upon a time, there was so much money to be made here.  Men built factories and businesses everywhere they turned.  Eventually, when business went bad, the factories and buildings were abandoned.  With no one to upkeep them, they became like weathered ghosts.  Deteriorated memorials harkening back to a better time. 

download.jpegConstruction is happening all across this city.  Slowly, the old is being torn down and replaced by new.  And in between the modern projects being carried out by cranes and the skeleton of what this city once was, brilliant murals scream to the passerby; but silently.  This is Philadelphia, the hub of the founding fathers.  The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed here.  As far as American cities go, there is lots of history here.  However, the city is not actually as haunted as people think it is.  The concerns of modern life (especially poverty) have distracted people from the past enough that the thought forms (ghosts) have dissipated.  People have been telling me that this is the second largest city on the East Coast.  Oddly, the city feels relatively empty.  It does not feel as frantic as cities usually do.  It feels like a small city in fact.  Philadelphia is what I expected Chicago to be before I actually went to Chicago.  A city of industrial sprawl. 

Anita and I.jpgI was hired to give a talk here for the Philadelphia I Can Do It Conference put on by Hay House (The picture to the right of fellow Hay House author Anita Moorjani and I was taken at the author party).  It was the first time that Hay House has put on one of these conferences here.  Whenever you bring a conference to a brand new city, it is a bit of a shot in the dark.  One can never know exactly what the response is going to be.  This time, the response was terrible.  The attendance at the event was so low that the conference center was like a ghost town during the days of the event.  Usually, a Hay House conference is so well attended it is like being in the New York subway; except surrounded by spiritual self-help addicts ;)  

The dominant negative vibration of Philadelphia is: Bewilderment.   A deep, painful perplexed confusion about life itself.  Let me explain what I mean.  Most places you go, people have created meaning for why bad things have happened to them.  For example, if a black man in New York doesn’t get a job, he may come to the conclusion that he didn’t get a job because of racial prejudice.  He then becomes convinced of it.  Or if a woman in Alabama may decide that she had a miscarriage because she wasn’t virtuous enough to carry one of God’s children so he took the baby away from her.  Meaning allows us to feel certain.  And even if the certainty is painful, it creates less stress than uncertainty does.  It creates cognitive closure.  It allows us to make sense of our world and to take action accordingly.

confused-c2e1e9d14491a9486d996da945debcc9d6ce7170-s900-c85.jpgThe people of Philadelphia lack the ability to assign meaning to the negative things they experience.  In other words, they don’t know WHY bad things happen to them in the way that they do.  Even when they tell you why they think bad things have happened to them, it is only skin deep, the conviction of knowing does not penetrate to their core.  Only uncertainty does.  They don’t know what they did to deserve elements of the life they are living.  They don’t know what to do in order to make things go their way so they can avoid these painful things in the future.  Being so uncertain about why bad things happen to them, they take it personally; but silently.  Deep down they wonder if they are being singled out by the universe.  If they are being singled out by the universe, they come to the conclusion that something must be bad/unlovable about them.  So the people of Philadelphia stay silent about their darkness as a result.  They really keep it only for themselves.  It can be felt like a shady undercurrent in most people here.  All of this creates a perplexed bewilderment among them and this perplexed bewilderment is heavy amongst the collective. 

People’s solar plexus chakras are very out of alignment here.  This dominant negative vibration of the people in this city causes a constriction around the pit of people’s stomachs.  It also causes visitors to start to feel confused.  And I have to say it… Irony struck when William Penn named this city Philadelphia, which is essentially an amalgamation of the Greek words for brother and love.  The city may have started on this foot, but the city could not live up to the name much past the early 1900s. The city of brotherly love is not a friendly city.  It is also not a safe city.               

shutterstock_87643360.jpgThe Dominant Positive Vibration of Philadelphia is: Manufacturing.  It’s hard to believe that after the economy took such a hit and after so many of the industries shut down here, that manufacturing would still be the dominant positive vibration here.  But it is and it has been for a really long time.  To manufacture is to make something and usually on a large scale.  Morse so than anything else, this vibration is a dominant residual thought form.  The modern people of Philly are still feeding into it, even though many of the actual things being produced here have changed.  When there is so much confusion (like there is with the dominant negative vibration of the city) and it is so hard to actually control things, there is something you can do to in order to avoid the anxiety and the depression… Distract yourself by pouring your efforts into making something.  That something could be art, food, product or even trained professionals (like taking in a student at university and creating a doctor or engineer).

rs-street-food-philadelphia-608.jpgPhiladelphia is famous for food.  People here LOVE their food with as much passion as many people love sports.  Unfortunately, all of the food they really love is unethical food or is food that I can’t eat due to my own sensitivities.  This is a bummer because when people are this passionate about their food, the food is unbeatable.  Believe it or not, the obsessive making and producing of food here is a byproduct of the ‘manufacturing’ vibration. 

tumblr_inline_nz43ws1dSO1tx8ppr_500.jpgYesterday, I ventured into the Reading Terminal Market.  I lasted a half an hour with the overstimulation of it all.  But it is an experience that I suggest all people have when they come to this city.  It is just so uniquely Philadelphia.  An enormous, no longer functioning train station that has been filled to the millimeter with venders.  If you are looking for any of Philadelphia’s specialties, you can find them there.  The unique merchants and displays along with the people milling through them, create a shock for the senses. 

big_350806_3074_DO110612006_UPD31.jpgToday, I am boarding a plane bound for Detroit, the city with the lowest vibration in the nation.  I have an interview in the airport and then I get to venture into the city.  I deliberately selected it for the site of my Completion Process Training because it has the lowest vibration in the nation.  I often get called out of body in response to emotional pain.  And more often than anywhere else in this country, I find myself in Detroit.  Trauma reigns triumphant there.  I am eager to genuinely survey the area because I have felt a work calling there for years now.  I am eager to see if my visit there makes this particular calling any more clear to me.